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PERI Industrial Scaffolding

Manage and utilize your labor and material resources more effectively

PERI is the manufacturer and supplier of the patented scaffolding system PERI UP Flex. The system reduces material and labor requirements while increasing safety. Coupled with an integrated resource management program, we help scaffold contractors, EPC's and plant owners take control of their access requirements.

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Simply Safer

No gaps, no tripping, no problem

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Scaffolding Safety

Safety and Productivity

Clever product features as well as the fact that PERI does not mix with common copies of other systems in the market are only some of the reasons that make it the safer and more productive choice.

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The PERI Integrated Scaffold Program

From Pre-Planning to Resource Monitoring

Safety is Predictable | Accurate Estimating | Cost Certainty | Monitoring and Managing Scaffolding Costs | Growing Efficient

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PERI Industrial Scaffolding

Innovative Access Solutions For The Industrial Sector

PERI industrial scaffolding helps EPC contractors, scaffolding contractors and plant owners manage their access requirements more effectively by providing the most innovative products and programs thus increasing safety and productivity drastically. Click on the links below to learn more.

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Explore PERI Industrial Scaffolding

The NWR bitumen refinery: FLUOR's challenges and PERI's solutions

Fluor Testimonial

Interview with Kyle Morden, Construction Manager at the Northwest Redwater Project in Alberta, Canada.

The PERI Integrated Scaffold Program

Learn how the PERI ISP increases predictability, reduces inventory costs and increases overall efficiency.

PERI UP Flex Scaffolding

Detailed views of the gravity lock, self-locking non-slip decks and other time-saving and safety enhancing features.

The Product - PERI UP Flex

What is the difference?
What makes PERI UP the better solution? 

Industrial structures and in turn the corresponding scaffolding requirements are very different from normal facade scaffolding, especially in terms of safety and flexibility requirements. Unique access solutions are realized with standard components while built in safety features minimize risk of injury on site.

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Working with PERI

Chevron Phillips USGC Petrochemicals Project Baytown, Texas

Safe scaffolding at the Gulf

1.5 million metric tons/year ethane cracker

Maintaining Budget Control

The PERI Integrated Scaffold Program 

From Pre-Planning To Resource Monitoring

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